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Andrade Gutierrez is a brazilian construction company focused on delivering engineering services for infrastructure projects

The construction company was founded in 1948 in the city of Belo Horizonte and has since accumulated solid experience in the Engineering and Construction sector with over 900 infrastructure projects in over 40 countries. Its projects cover a great variety of segments, like hydropower plants, ports, airports, highways, railways, subways, thermal and nuclear power plants, sanitation, buildings, urbanization, electromechanical and industrial assembly, oil refineries and pipelines, among others.

Over 40 countries

Always driven by great challenges, Andrade Gutierrez is once again reinventing itself, strengthening its commitment to a more transparent, ethical and developed Brazil.

Betting on innovation to strengthen its value discipline "operational excellence" and become even more competitive, agile and creative, it is currently investing in various initiatives related to the subject.

This way it will improve the quality of its technical solutions while also fostering innovation in the Engineering and Construction market.